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Travel Incentives

Why Use Travel Incentives from Super Incentives?

  1. Most hotels are not booked to full capacity year round. About 30% of the rooms go unoccupied.
  2. Our room brokers buy up these unoccupied rooms in very large quantities from the hotels at a discounted rate. We can do this because of a special advertising trade-out program with the resorts (our secret sauce if you will).
  3. The hotels in our program would much rather have someone staying in one of their rooms for free, than nobody staying there at all.
  4. If nobody stays there, how much money does the hotel make? If someone stays there for free, the hotel doesn’t make too much money on the room, but they still make money from the room service, the restaurants, gift-shops, casinos, shows, extra night stays, referrals, and repeat customers.

Why Use A Travel Incentive Company at all? Statistics:

  • 83% of Consumers travel by automobile
  • Average number of miles driven one way is 624
  • Exception: Vacations to Disneyland or Disneyworld–1260 miles one way
  • Average number of Vacations Trips per year is 4
  • Average length of vacation is 4 Days
  • 93% of award recipients prefer travel over other incentives – USA Today survey
  • 91% of North Americans take a vacation every year – US Travel Data Center (everyone enjoys travel)
  • Travel has a much higher perceived value than other incentives

Create a dedicated and loyal workforce, a successful sales team, reward top performance. Prompt client decision making, close more high ticket products or services. Make More appointments, energize your call centers, and improve direct mail response

Give your small, medium or large business a big increase in sales today – offer customers travel incentives with every purchase/download/or lead. If you’re looking for sales incentives for any marketing campaign, there is no need to look anywhere else. Every minute of every day, we are involved in helping more businesses get better returns on their marketing promotions and sales campaigns.

As a business owner, sales director, marketing manager or the owner of a website selling blue widgets, there is a strong chance that you want (and need) to increase your sales conversions and increase customer loyalty. Here’s the secret: give your customers free vacations! We’ve got travel premiums for free hotel nights, and we have the best premiums in our industry, because this is what we do exclusively better than any one else. Sounds expensive? We’ll double your sales or conversions for less than what you’d pay for rent.

Try our Best Seller, the 3 Day, 2 Night Hotel Stay, for FREE!.
Looking for a low-cost sales promotion with high perceived value? We estimate the retail value of each 3 day 2 night hotel stay certificate to be over $300. You can purchase them in bulk for as little as $1 each.

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