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How can I increase sales revenues?

By giving potential customers a reason for increasing their purchasing dollars with you.

The motivation is the exciting trip that’s easy and fun for them to take. The consumer merely gives you more of a share from their spending budget – taking it away from your competitors.
How can I increase customer retention?

By providing a memorable experience for customers and their guests – one they want to repeat again next year.

An incentive trip provides a fine opportunity to give your customers a chance to relax. And your sales team has the unique opportunity to build partner relationships in a very positive setting.
Is an incentive trip necessary?

Incentive trips are one of the most popular sales & marketing tools to increase revenues today. They simply work. If you are not offering your customers an incentive trip, your competitors are – and they will take your market share from you. Additionally incentive trips strengthen your organization’s reputation.

How can an incentive trip sell other products within the company?

An incentive trip allows you to focus your selling efforts on a specific area that may need “fixing”. Is there a slow quarter or period that needs help? A specified, targeted incentive program can help sales reps and advertisers fix these areas. Target a goal, and send your sales team out armed with a solution.

How do I start an incentive program?

Call Us; we are the experts. Our professionals can get you up and running quickly. We can help you grow your revenue in as little as 90 days. We’ll answer all your questions and design a program for your use immediately. We’ll be there every step of the way.

What is the cost involved?

Because the trip is pre paid by our network of hotels and resorts, very little cost is sustained by you – just the purchase of the printed materials – and after the initial kick off, little effort is needed once you implement your travel incentive campaign.

Why is the cost so low?

Most hotels operate on a principal dubbed ‘heads in the beds’. Meaning, hotels don’t care how people get into their hotel, they make more money on people spending money on amenities than they do (on average) by people booking a normal room. Also, most hotels in our network are at about 75% capacity, year round! So if they can get people in their beds, they don’t care if they’re paying for a room or not.

What hotels are in your network?
Here’s a partial list, you can call us for the full list:
Anaheim Astoria Inn & Suites – Anaheim
Ramada Inn – Anaheim
Travelodge Ocean Jewels – Daytona Beach
Castaways Beach Resort – Daytona Beach
Horizon Hotel & Casino – Lake Tahoe
EdgeWater Hotel & Casino – Laughlin, NV