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Gift for Test Driving a Car

If you own a car dealership, one of the hardest things to see is someone who just came in to test drive the latest model of their favorite car. They have no intention of buying a car, but it sure is fun to drive that baby. Do you know what would happen if you actually incentivized people to test drive a car? It’s amazing what you’ll see happen. As soon as that 5th person gets in the car, they’ll buy. It’s amazingly odd statistically speaking, but every 5th person across every dealership we’ve ever helped, has bought a car after test driving it. Skeptical? Why not test drive some of our vouchers, for free? See how they work.

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Special Promotion Giveaways

Is your company turning 1 year old? Are you having any type of special, promotion, or give away? Why not make it easy for yourself and wonderful for your customers. Spend hardly any money for bulk travel incentives, and give them away like there’s no tomorrow. This will create a huge increase in the amount of people who want to do business with you. Give travel vouchers away for any special occasion, but make sure people know that each voucher has a value of around $300. If you do that, your promotion, or give away, or special event will do extremely well for you every time.

Contest Prizes Ideas

Holding a contest? Want something you can give away that has a really high perceived value, but costs you pennies on the dollar? Travel vouchers are the perfect solution. Here’s how they could work: Set your contest up so that it is some sort of recurring event, such as every 100 products sold, the 100th person gets a travel voucher. Or every month, 1 new user/customer gets sent a no strings attached travel voucher, worth up to $300. Or my personal favorite, hold an online fundraiser, and every 10th person to donate online gets a $300 travel voucher. It’s as simple as that.

Gift with Purchase

Do you sell rather high ticket items, and your average customer spends a good deal of money on one product? It’s probable that you have a pretty low conversion rate. One way to increase the amount of people purchasing your product is through a ‘gift with purchase’ plan. Travel incentives are perfect for this because they don’t cost you hardly anything, and their perceived value for one solitary travel voucher is around $300 for our least expensive incentive package. We’ve got many to choose from, so call us or contact us today.

Gift for Refinancing a Home – Ideas

In a down economy, banks and lending institutions tend to tighten their purse strings and get stingy on loans. This makes consumers think that dealing with banks is a hard deal. You however as a mortgage broker can still make money on refinancing a home. But how do you incentive people to get a refinance on their mortgage? Simply send the prospect a postcard, and tell them something like ‘Banks are still helping people refinance, and with interest rates at their lowest in 30 years, it’s a very smart time to refinance. And you deserve a reward for being smart in this economy. That’s why if you make an appointment with one of our mortgage brokers and refinance within 30 days, we’ll give you a travel voucher worth up to $300’

Incentive to Keep Appointment

When you’re in a business where you have to book a lot of overlapping appointments just to keep one of them, you know how it feels to have appointments fall through on you. One way you can drastically increase the amount of people keeping appointments with you is to say on the phone as you set up the appointment ‘Mr. Jones, just for meeting with me on (date) I’d like to give you a travel voucher worth up to $300 for you and your wife to use at your discretion. No strings, no time shares, no hidden fees.’ You’ll see an immediate jump in the number of people keeping their appointments with you.

Sales Closing Tool – Travel Vouchers

Have you been involved in a sale where the prospect is starting to lose interest in your presentation, and you feel the sale starting to fall through? A great sales closing tool that has worked time and again is our travel voucher. Most of the time, you can just simply interrupt your pitch and say something like ‘I notice you are starting to lose interest, and I don’t want to waste your time. I would like to give you this travel voucher, worth about $300, just for spending time with me.’ You’ll probably have to push them off of you because they’ll want to buy whatever it is you’ve got at that point.

Referral Gift Ideas – Travel Vouchers

Use a travel voucher to incentive clients or even prospective clients to refer their friends to your mlm meeting, or your business of any kind. Travel vouchers are perceived as such a high value to most people, they are happy to give out a few names of close friends in exchange for a $300 gift. We have seen extraordinary results from people who have used travel vouchers to get a referral from clients, and the number of referrals usually shoots through the roof. If you’re a business that depends on referrals (which you should be anyway) why not start giving out gifts to people who actually refer their friends to you?

Bank Incentive Ideas

If you need some help increasing the amount of bank accounts opened through your branch, travel incentives can definitely help you do this. Our most popular product, the 3 day 2 night getaway voucher, would be perfect for this purpose. The percieved value of the typical 3 day 2 night is around $300, and many banks don’t even tend to give that much away if a customer simply opens a checking or savings account. And the amount of money you would pay per voucher is like pennies on the dollar versus the value each voucher adds to your promotion. Give it a try for free.

How To Increase Donations with Travel Vouchers

Using Travel Vouchers
In any kind of economy, down or up, it has always been a struggle for non profits and charities to raise money, let alone INCREASE their donations. Some of the most successful operations have used one method for years that consistently helps drive donations higher, and keeps them coming in. You probably guessed it: Travel Vouchers. Take as an example: If someone donates a car to their organization, Kars4Kids sends this person a travel voucher in the mail. I’ve got to believe that since this page has been online for over 2 years, it’s working for them. We’ve also seen numerous other organizations using our 3 day 2 night getaway vouchers for the exact same purpose, whether to increase donation size, or just start getting people to donate.